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Patty Brittingham, R.N., M.A., is an exercise physiologist and registered nurse living in Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she has her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the Medical College of Georgia, and her Master of Arts degree in Exercies Physiology from the University of Denver. She has had over twenty years of experience working in the healthcare and fitness industries. She is a critical care registered nurse having worked in neonatal I.C.U., medical-surgical I.C.U., and in cardiac rehabilitation.

She designed the FitWeight Program for weight loss and fitness in 1988, and has been successful in helping hundreds of her clients reach their fitness and weight-loss goals. The program was copyrighted in 1990 and continues to grow today as Patty helps her clients design and work on their personalized programs.

She adores her two children attending college in Denver and Boulder; has three golden retrievers, Stetson, Daisy, and Reggie; and a cat, Buckwheat.

Patty is coordinator of the Metro Denver Women's Soccer Association, and plays both indoor and outdoor soccer year-round. She dances the Carla Parks Academy of Classical Ballet in Denver, enjoys weight lifting, and attends fitness classes whenever her schedule allows.

She is a master gardener who loves flowers, music, and good coffee.

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