Deborah Friesen, M.D. Internal Medicine
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
"What a pleasure it has been to refer my patients to Patty! Her approach is medically sound and produces results like no other person or program I've worked with. She has helped my patients not only lose weight, but improve their self-esteem, decrease and stop blood pressure medicine, and get better control of diabetes. I whole-heartedly recommend her approach for anyone who truly wants to be at their FitWeight!"

Karen M. Kelly, M.D. Internal Medicine
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

"The FitWeight Program is a medically sound program for weight loss and fitness that not only makes sense, but is also a healthy approach to weight loss and fitness for life. The program's success has been demonstrated over the years by numerous patients in my practice who have adopted the FitWeight lifestyle, and is appropriate for all levels of wellness and illness, people with special medical needs, and people at any age. It is tailored to the individual, not a "cookie cutter" approach."

Martha Heppard, M.D.,
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Littleton, Colorado
"For eight years, I have been referring my patients to Patty for weight loss and health concerns. I have found the FitWeight Program to be a realistic and doable lifestyle approach in which my patients are able to achieve good results and maintain their weight loss."

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